Nepal is a naturally blessed country having eight of the world’s top ten mountains. It extends its range from east to west which attracts many trekkers around the world whether it’s a beginner or a professional ones. The mountain here ranges from 5,357m to 8,849m above sea level. It has world’s highest peak Mount Everest which is 8,849m above sea level.

Most of the mountains are located in National Park (protected areas) which require permission from the government to climb on these peaks and it has been providing permits to trekkers coming from around the world to go and explore the mountains. Nepal government opened its door for mountaineering back in 1949 and since then many mountaineers have come and conquered many peaks. Although the government has not provided permits to some mountains. The ideal climate for climbing these peaks are either in spring or in autumn when there is less change of fog and clouds. The scene from these peaks are absolutely phenomenal and is a lifetime experience. The weather is these peaks are extremely cold and can change in seconds. The path is extremely slippery and steep. Snowfall, strong and cold winds may occur at any time dropping down the temperature to the extreme. Most of the people who are living there are Sherpas who help climbers to conquer peaks.Here at Finding Nepal we provide you best package at an affordable cost for our guests. Currently we are providing three packages and we are hoping to extend the packages number for our guests. We are providing Amadublam (6,812m), Everest (8,849m) and Manaslu (8,163m).