Currency in Nepal

The currency used in Nepal is called Nepalese Rupees. It comes in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. 25 rupees is rarely found in Nepal as well but we will focus on what is available easily. Most of the currency comes in paper expect 1 and 2 which are in coins but it comes in paper as well which is also rare and 5 rupees coin can be also found which is rare as well.

More about Nepalese Currency

Nepali word: रुपैयाँ

Symbol: Rs & रु

Code: NPR

Description about the currency

Nepal Rastra Bank which is the central bank issues all of the paper notes which includes Mount Everest in front and a different animal found in Nepal at back. At the center bottom you can see the governor signature and well as note issued year. You can also see rhododendron at the right blank side, it will be visible if you raise your currency towards the sun and see from below.

1 Nepalese Rupee coin

Front: Map of Nepal, Hill and Field

Back: Mount Everest, Issued Date

2 Nepalese Rupees coin

Front: Farmer plowing the field and Hill

Back: Mount Everest, Issued Date

5 Nepalese Rupees

Color: Lilac and Pink

Front: Mount Everest and Kasthamandap Temple

Back: Yak

Latest Issue Date: 2017

10 Nepalese Rupees

Color: Brown and Green

Front: Mount Everest, Garud Narayan

Back: Atelope Trees, Bank Logo

Latest Issue Date: 2017

20 Nepalese Rupees

Color: Orange and Brown

Front: Mount Everest, Lord Krishna Temple of Patan

Back: Sambar Deers, Trees, Mountain, Bank Logo

Latest Issue Date: 2016

50 Nepalese Rupees

Color: Purple, Green and Blue

Front: Mount Everest, Rama-Janaki Temple of Janakpur

Back: Snow Leopard, Bank Logo

Latest Issue Date: 2016

100 Nepalese Rupees

Color: Green and Lilac

Front: Mount Everest, Lumbini – Birthplace Of Lord Buddha

Back: One horned rhinoceros and its child

Latest Issue: 2015

500 Nepalese Rupees

Color: Brown and Violet

Front: Mount Everest, God Indra, Mount Amadablam and Thyangboche monastery

Back: Tiger

Latest Issue: 2016

1000 Nepalese Rupees

Color: Blue and Grey

Front: Mount Everest, Swayambhunath Stupa and Harati Temple

Back: Twin Asian Elephants

Latest Issue: 2019

Nepalese Currency Exchange

U.S Dollar

Indian Rupee

European Euro

UK Pound Sterling

Australian Dollar

Singapore Dollar

Canadian Dollar

Swiss Franc

Chinese Yuan

Japanese Yen

South Korean Won

Bahrain Dinar

Kuwaiti Dinar

Hong Kong Dollar

Swedish Kroner

Danish Kroner

UAE Dirham

Thai Baht

Qatari Riyal

Malaysian Ringgit

Saudi Arabian Riyal

Exchange of the foreign currency mentioned above into Nepalese currency is very easy. You can exchange above currency in Kathmandu Airport, Hotels, authorized foreign money changers in tourist areas – Pokhara, Thamel and other big cities.

The currency exchange rate may vary from time to time so to get the latest exchange rate, please check official website of central bank of Nepal – Nepal Rastra Bank.