Best Time to Visit Nepal

Nepal is a naturally blessed country having different types of forest, vegetation, hills, mountains etc. It is really wonderful to visit Nepal but the problem start to occur when you don’t know when to visit Nepal. If you visit at a wrong time the excitement and the thrilling might be missing as well as you might even risk your life. So here a total guide so you can visit Nepal in the best time.

Before we move to the guide, we should know how many season are there. For now, Nepal has four season. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Spring Season

In Nepal spring season lies in March, April and May months. The season starts from March and ends in May. In this season the weather is mostly clear with bright sunlight, warm weather but the night is cool. Day time is longer making it best for trekking and other outdoor activities. It is a perfect season for those who want to see mountains as there will be very less fog and the ranges can be seen perfectly. It is also a season of rhododendron (National flower of Nepal) and on trek you will pass several rhododendron forests.

Summer Season

This season starts from June and ends on August. In this season, weather is hot (especially in the terai part) with high humidity. Usually rain falls at night which clears the weather for the next day. It is very much suitable for trekking as the crowd is very less during this season. The view of mountains can be seen properly. But the rain in the night time makes the path slippery and wet. So trekkers should be careful during the trek.

Autumn Season

Autumn in Nepal stars from September and ends in November month. It is best for trekking after spring season because the weather will be clear for the most time. Although day-time is significantly reduced which leads to early darkness. But instead of all this the weather is mild and best for viewing experience. Most of the mountain expedition are done during this season as the risk is significantly less than Summer and Winter season.

Winter Season

This season starts from December and ends in February. The day time as well as the night is cold (especially in Himalayan region). The weather is cold, foggy and cloudy during this season which is not suitable for those who want to view mountains and landscapes. Most of high passes trekking might be closed. Mountain expedition during this period is also very dangerous and risky.